Settling the blinds versus curtains debate

Blinds, curtains or… both? It’s one of the most common questions that a Luxaflex consultant is asked, and for good reason. There are specific benefits to each, and it’s important to work out what’s right for your home from the outset of any new interior design or styling project.

Why choose Luxaflex® blinds?

Luxaflex blinds are synonymous with quality, innovation, and value. We pride ourselves on our advanced product design and functional workability, and our patented designs have been rigorously tested to withstand the varying Australian climate as well as the demands of everyday life.

Our catalogue of blinds includes roller blinds, vertical and venetian blinds, as well as a range of contemporary Softshades including Luxaflex exclusive Silhouette® Shadings , Pirouette® Shadings and Luminette® Privacy Sheers.

Blinds are an ideal option when you want to:

  • Create a sleek and sophisticated look.
  • Control how much light enters a space during the day.
  • Ensure privacy for certain rooms in your home.
  • Help insulate windows to ensure interiors stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Why choose Luxaflex Curtains?

Luxaflex curtains can add textural depth and dimension to an interior space.

Designed to effortlessly layer and coordinate with Luxaflex blinds, our carefully curated collection of curtains includes high-quality fabrics and styles to help you complete a custom interior look.

You can enjoy the varying beauty of sheer, solid or room darkening fabrics with an array of lining options to transform the light entering your home. You can also customise your look and create a subtle or dramatic statement with our range of classic and contemporary heading styles and hardware options.

Curtains are an ideal option when you want to:

  • Soften an interior space.
  • Filter the flow of light – e.g. in a living space or bedroom.
  • Make windows appear larger/longer than they really are.

Why choose both?

Today, many modern stylists and designers will opt for a blind-curtain combination, to create a soft and welcoming look in the home.

Importantly, as well as being designed for convenience and child safety, both Luxaflex blinds and curtains offer manual and motorised control options including PowerView® Motorisation. They are also manufactured and installed to Australian standards and specifications.

While Luxaflex offers fully customised solutions, variables such as window heights and shapes – as well as door configurations – can limit the type of blind and curtain options available. To ensure you don’t end up with limited options down the track, think about your window design at the same time as planning your window coverings.

Meeting with an expert early in the process can also be enormously beneficial. Simply visit to locate a showroom near you and to book a complimentary session with an expert.

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